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Part #14 - Chapter Thirteen
xXmerci_pour_le_veninXx                   (User #2070) N/A 02/25/2007 06:41:51pm

omg, it was AMAZING. if i only got a chapter like this a year i would be happy. :) no worries with not updating a lot. i still have freaking goose bumps from the chapter. whoa... just whoa.

i loved it.


Part #13 - Chapter Twelve
The Sharpest Life                   (User #3415) N/A 02/06/2007 11:47:28am

That...was...GREAT!!!!! I'm sooo glad I snuk on the computer!!!!!! Please, please udate real soon!!!!!

xXmerci_pour_le_veninXx                   (User #2070) N/A 02/03/2007 08:31:48pm

omg i was right! but i really wanna know what happens!@ please update soon!

cutegirl12356                   (User #3179) N/A 02/03/2007 12:48:07am


D.D.D.                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 02/02/2007 04:07:44pm

Awesome chapter!
Please update soon!!!!!
I have GOT to know what happens next and I want to find out what is up with the paper weight!!!!!!!
It's a great story, so please update soon!!!!!!!

killmyending                   (User #3448) N/A 02/02/2007 08:51:21am

Oh good gosh! I am so glad I decided to check fanworks before I went to bed.
Awesome chapter! Really. I can't wait to see what happens next with the mysterious glowing paperweight. lol. Update soon please!

Part #12 - Chapter Eleven
cutegirl12356                   (User #3179) N/A 01/31/2007 10:39:40pm

Hey loved the new chapter! Hope Mikey finds what he is looking for!

killmyending                   (User #3448) N/A 01/31/2007 03:47:26am

I didn't find that boring. It was good! =)
I hope that they can figure something out to help Frankie. Looking forward to the next installment. Keep writing.

xXmerci_pour_le_veninXx                   (User #2070) N/A 01/30/2007 10:34:21pm

i loved it... i have a feeling i MIGHT know what the vampire king is... but i'm not gonna say because i'm probably wrong.

anyway, please update soon!@


The Sharpest Life                   (User #3415) N/A 01/30/2007 08:38:06pm

It wasn't boring, it was a nessisarry step in you're story. Finally the ending isn't a cliffie, WOOT!! Well, it is but you know...not as much as usual.
Anyways, I have bigger news. My underground sources have informed me, that Frankie (the real one) is going to be just fine. Epstien-Barr was gotten by him as a result of over working himself and getting over excited too offten. He will make a full recovory (provided he doesn't get the rare cancer). I'm so, so happy and excited about it too. I found out and immediately made a mental note to tell you. So, we can stop worring because their is no fatality level. YAY!!

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