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Part #9 - Power Of Love
Danny Girl                   (User #2541) N/A 11/20/2008 03:54:48pm

I love this chapter, finally Inuasha and Kagome are together. Inu and Kag trying to save themself and Kikyou and she still call them both a freak what a joke she is. I like how this chapter ended with Onigumo confessing everything to Kikyou. Till next time read ya later.

Part #8 - A House Is Not A House
Danny Girl                   (User #2541) N/A 09/15/2008 03:33:19pm

Oh, man thank you, thank you, thank you, for updating this story is one of my favorites(sp?). Oh, man Naraku in the picture and want's Kagome as a mate, did not see that one coming. I thought it would be Kouga coming to get Kagome (nice suprise). To let you know I hate cliff hangers LOL ;)...Please don't kill off InuYasha even though in this story he's an ....well you get the picture.
Like Kagome I still love him.

I can't wait till the next chapter.
Update when ever you can.

Part #7 - For You To Love
Danny Girl                   (User #2541) N/A 05/17/2008 09:24:35pm

Oh, man this just keep getting better and better LOL!!!! I can't wait to see what fool busted into the apartment. Please update soon.

Part #6 - No More Drama
Danny Girl                   (User #2541) N/A 02/29/2008 04:17:56pm

I love this story more and more. I love the play by play that was just great. I want to know why too Kagome did he not see how much he hurting Kagome with his actions or lack there of and what make him think that Kikyo would make a good mate not Kagome. Inuyasha reminds me of the saying " Your never know how good you had it till it's gone" Now Kagome's leaving good for her "No More Drama"I can't wait till the next update.

Cecebly                   (User #4113) N/A 02/24/2008 10:24:07am

I loved this chapter and sure is happy she finally told him. please update soon. I can't wait for the new chapter!!!!

Cecilia                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 02/24/2008 06:40:55am

I loved this chapter and sure is happy she finally told him. please update soon. I can't wait for the new chapter!!!!

Part #4 - Chapter 3: It's Over Now
Cecebly                   (User #4113) N/A 11/24/2007 08:05:36pm

The story is so awesome (forgive me for sounding kind of corny). I really like this story though and can't wait for an update

Part #2 - Late Night Visitor
cwillia                   (User #2375) N/A 01/10/2007 06:31:37am

Oh Luther (sniff sniff), that mans voice and his lyrics whoa, miss him. Nice touch to Kagome consoling Inu, always disliked Kikyo never understood her power over him. Your story is tight so update soon.

InuGrrrl                   (User #2114) N/A 12/21/2006 05:59:48pm

Girl, this is GORGEOUS!!!
You did a graet job and I love it. You must update asap.
You really had me feeling for InuYasha, and I just know this fic is gonna be butta 0.~

Luther is perfect for every-damn-thing! Awesome choice!

Silent                   (User #3263) N/A 12/09/2006 09:28:29pm

I've read quite alot of InuYasha AU's (Alternate Universes) and I must admit, you did a damn fine job! ^_^
I'm defintely looking forward to what happens next, and I'm highly curious as to who exactly could be at the door.
I mean seriously, who else besides Inu would be banging on Kagome's door at one in the morning? Curiosity killed the cat, but then again I'm the one who ran him over right?
Keep up the good work, and please update soon!

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