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Part #12 - To Tell You The Truth
Eleni                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 07/18/2010 06:46:03am

It's a beautiful ending and all buy you killer him and I cried!!!
Anyways that was amazin and this was like the 3rd time I read it!!!!
It rocked!!!

Lanii                   (User #8466) N/A 05/26/2010 05:16:07pm

Well that was the first time I've cried after reading a fan fic!!
I did NOT like the ending! It was a good story line but you killed PETE AWESOMNESS WENTZ!!!!!
I cried so bad!!!! I not even joking, I cried!!

Alys.                   (User #5255) N/A 02/18/2008 11:53:08am

Oh my god.

That is literally all I can say.

Oh my god.

ForLovers                   (User #4248) N/A 07/26/2007 03:58:40pm

I only just finished this and, OH EM GEE!! YOU CHANGED THE END!!
It was quite sad...and you know what, I loved it.
*sniff sniff* I miss my unborn child. :X
I love you a trillion red&pink skittles.
[talk to you on em es en]

Snickers                   (User #3923) N/A 06/27/2007 07:02:58pm

OMG! That was horrible! No it was a great story, horrible ending(how could you kill pete!) Well not a horrible ending, good, shocking, it was horrible that you killed Pete! sob, if that did happen, his funeral would like have to be broadcasted all over.

completelyincomplete                   (User #4302) N/A 06/27/2007 03:13:57am

brilliant story, although the ending was sad. I liked how you tricked everybody..

Still sad though :)

xxlaurenxx                   (User #4268) N/A 06/26/2007 07:13:38pm

im so sad i didnt read sooner
im sorry.
this was truley amazing
i cant believe he died.
can't wait for ur next fic.

Addicted2u91                   (User #3938) N/A 06/26/2007 11:27:01am

Pete Died....
That was a brillaint ending and it made me cry just a little.
I loved this fanfic and I will def read your other ones.

Thanks for reading mine as well =]

Giovanna                   (User #1987) N/A 06/26/2007 02:43:23am

Any time girly.
I love reading your work, it makes my smile a million times.
You shocked me so bad near the end. Pete died.
No i'm joking. I actually cried for your information. lol.
Thats how good it was.
Hope to see more from you soon.
Enjoy the summer, heaven knows its the best time of the year.
I love you xxx

Part #11 - Cause I Am Here For You, As Long As You Need Me To
Snickers                   (User #3923) N/A 06/09/2007 11:04:23am

I hate reviewing like this but... it must be done...Awwwwwwwww! the end was sweet! Is that the end end! I love Patrick's "couple" thing. Poor Patrick, he's like a puppy, He needs love(Perferably Pete) but I love the story like Giovanna I'm screamig MORE!

yaoi rulz

Hannah aka Snickers

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