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Part #6 - Tentative Decision
xxahottertouchxxabetterfuckxx                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 01/15/2008 12:34:04am

please write the next chapter soon its been so long! its really good and I would hate to see such a good story have no ending. also I have an idea! maybe that ryan doll could be the next doll for mara's collection.

jordan.                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 01/12/2008 09:54:51pm

i really love this,
like alot.

this is an awesome
and i want to know
how the doll turns out,

and why her greatgrandmother
likes ryan so much.

please update supersoon.

wendy1129                   (User #3239) N/A 11/19/2006 10:02:00pm

i love the story, please update again soon!

Part #5 - Explanations And Plans
orangexjuice                   (User #2721) N/A 09/24/2006 08:28:24pm

its wonderful and extemly well written
i ♥ it!!!
continue....perrtie please?
...i'll give you a cookie
*pulls out a cookie*

Part #4 - Love Molested Me
Mariah.H.                   (User #2849) N/A 09/21/2006 07:01:57pm

Wow, I love this fic a nd how mara is so cool 'bout life.

Ok, update. Or I'll hurt you.


JauntyChick                   (User #2872) N/A 09/19/2006 02:18:22pm

OMG! I LOVE THIS FIC SOOOO MUCH! Thank you...oh, and you mentioned Cameron. I love House MD. I love P!ATD. I love Ryan. And my first name is "Mary". A lot like Mara. I love this fic.

THANKS AGAIN! Oh, and update quick! Um, please? I'll give you a cookie!


Part #3 - Meetings And Misconceptions
orangexjuice                   (User #2721) N/A 09/17/2006 12:01:41pm

absolutly luv this story, update soon

JauntyChick                   (User #2872) N/A 09/11/2006 09:48:29am

Hi..did I review this already??? Lol. Anyways, UPDATE SOON!!! BTW, if Mara anytime soon thinks about falling for Brendon...I will slap her! Lol. J/K!

Please please please update.

Part #2 - Prologue: The Subjects
JauntyChick                   (User #2872) N/A 09/08/2006 03:51:04pm

That was brilliant! Keep going? Pretty please?????

Brianne M.W.                   (User #2927) N/A 09/07/2006 07:09:15am

Wow... that was stunning. I already feel for both characters. I think you have Ryan down, definitely. Wow... sorry but I'm in awe. I can't wait for more! Please update soon!

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