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streudel                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 11/26/2002 09:42:27pm

I don't wan't to be cruel, because I like seeing others show interest in my favorite show, but I really didn't enjoy this story. The writer seems as though she hasn't watched the show much. For one thing, the Lexx's dialogue was far too articulate. We all love the big bug, but let's be realistic; he has the IQ of Britney Spears after a botched frontal lobotomy. Another glaring inconsistency was the use of a transporter. Moths are the mode of ship to surface transport on Lexx. The next error is one a great many Lexx fan fic writers are guilty of committing; giving Kai emotions he does not possess. Kai does not feel guilt over his career as an assassin. Kai does not feel anything, except exasperation, perhaps, because he has to keep repeating " The dead do not experience: remorse/anger/sexual frustration,ad nauseum, to every person who doesn't seem to get his emotional non-state. Kai not functioning properly because of his emotional state is not a valid plot device. The writers of the show realized they needed something catastrophic to happen to him for Kai to act out of character without corrurupting his characterization. Past plot devices to this end have been:damage caused by bellyflopping onto a planet from the Lexx, protoblood failure, unusal effects from a planet's radiation, improper codes keyed in or improper instructions given while reviving him, use of a mind control device by Brizon, the biovizier who "engineered" him, etc... . Simply put, if you're going to make Kai act out of character, his motivation has to come from external, not internal forces. Speaking of being out of character, Kai becoming a woman seems highly unlikely. In the episode," Love Grows", the crews of the Lexx and a ship containing unknown biohazardous waste find that they have switched genders. The toxin attacks their DNA and rewrites it. Kai is unaffected by the affliction as he is decarbonized and no longer contains DNA. Therefore, any Cluster technology, such as the Lustikon, which utilizes DNA manipulation would be ineffectual. Nor could you simply " lop it off " as a) any severed part of his anatomy is easily reassimilated, and b) his naughty bits are safely locked away in his codpiece. My wish is not to flame the author, but to encourage her to watch the movies and the show, and to try again.

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