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Lea                   (User #6941) N/A 01/28/2009 06:04:11am

nice story... really liked it... great work!

Inusbabe                   (User #2214) N/A 06/06/2006 07:44:43am

I loved it!!!

InuGrrrl                   (User #2114) N/A 06/05/2006 06:56:06pm


C-note?!!!! You OUTDID yourself. That shyt was beyond hawtness! No wonder we all wear freakin' breadbags over our heads! I like how Sessie was willing to roll, but didn't want to bang Kags. I thought I was gonna see a double pen -hahaha! I fucking loved it!! With your permission of course, I want to add this to my site when it's up in 2 weeks. I totally have to share my gift ^_^ *huggles*

kagome313                   (User #2150) N/A 06/05/2006 09:26:42am

That wuz fucking hawt! My god, I feel hotter than the That lemon with sesshy n inu wuz awesome, and I am so not a fan of those paring. Then the part with kags cathing them n confessing her love only to release him was so sad. *sniffs* After that when he confess to everyone after going baq to kaede and cleaning kags wuz so cute. Also when he and sesshy wuz cuddling with kags wuz intimate and kawaii. *sigh* That fic wuz so amazing, every word I say about this fic is an understatement of the century!! When inu and kags were having sex, the part when you mix her pleasure with pain waz new and so intelligent. I neva ever imagined that! And the image of sesshy watching them mate and he plesuring himslef wuz funny.Everything about this fic wuz awesome, a wonderful starting and a magnificent ending. I have no more to say that would be perfect enough to put in words, other than how much I love n enjoy it! Great Job...keep it up. Ja ne!^_^

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