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Part #34 - Chapter Thirty Three
beneath_the_lies                   (User #1502) N/A 05/26/2009 04:07:29pm

OOOOMMMMGGGG!! YaY!! Karlie updated!!!

Who is daddy talking to? Is it the mob? lol. j/k

I luved it.

Update soon!


I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 05/21/2009 10:49:31pm


Ohhh I took him to see daddy this is serious!!

AWESOME chapter!!! not very long though.... lol

Can't wait for more!!


Part #33 - Chapter Thirty Two
I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 10/31/2008 05:36:33pm

WHY AM I ALWAYS THE DUMB ONE?!?!?! lol well it's funny cause i rock at poker! lol awesome chapter, i laughed my ass off! It would have been better with more of me! lol you love me, don't lie! cause your love is a lie when im gone... haha sorry had to


Gracie                   (User #1733) N/A 10/17/2008 09:05:19pm

argh....i reviewed the wrong chappie haha i seriously dont no how that happened coz i read this one but i somehow reviewed the last chapter...*puzzled face* anywayz as i said can i not love it!!! and woohoo im the first to review this one yay!!! talk soon
lub ya xxx

Part #32 - Chapter Thirty One
Gracie                   (User #1733) N/A 10/17/2008 08:53:52pm

how can i not love it????? **baha im talking to you on the phone right now!! woo hoo** plz update soon! coz im afraid i actually have the time to read stories again coz school is almost over FOREVA!!! haha yep thats right schoolies week in about 5 or so weeks!

lub ya xxx

Part #11 - Chapter Ten
Carling                   (User #1230) N/A 04/28/2008 05:09:14am

aww... love is everywere *singing*
nice chapter.
luv your story.


Part #32 - Chapter Thirty One
I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 01/24/2008 09:42:20pm

Wow you take forever to update (not that i should be talking) then you leave us with a short chapter and end it like that!!!!


it was awesome! as always


iHeartSebby27                   (User #2659) N/A 11/28/2007 07:12:53pm

I read this a while ago and totally forgot about it. I never review cuz im horrible! but I really love it! Update soon please?

**VeRoNiCa**                   (User #1101) N/A 11/28/2007 06:23:51pm

OMG!!! This is just so plainly amazing!! I'm just glad you updated and can'T wait for another.
I so totally can't picture our dearest little Chuckles making a toddler cry. I gotta know why...and soonishly please!!

beneath_the_lies                   (User #1502) N/A 11/26/2007 06:33:10pm

P.S.- Yay! first reviewer! *Runs around doing the first reviewer dance* =]

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