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Ashton                   (User #1969) N/A 05/16/2006 11:27:22pm

Hey I'm late at reviewing but I just read the whole story and i..... L.o.v.e it. I'm not gonna say update soon I am gonna say update NOW!!! At least I will say please!!!

Xoxo ashton

Part #6 - They Arrive....well, He Arrives
You_Look_So_Good_In_Blue                   (User #2338) N/A 05/15/2006 04:18:27pm

Mwahahahaha. FIRST REVIEW BITCHES! Yeah, sooo update soon-ness cuz it's like... cool and shit. So, yeah. [[I'm not good at reviews if you cant tell.]]

Much Love,

Part #5 - Matt Barker
KaznagaN                   (User #1656) N/A 05/14/2006 06:16:35pm

oh new person - well not new but yea u know what i mean!

well i'm just gonna say


Part #4 - Getting Ready For The Tour
KaznagaN                   (User #1656) N/A 05/14/2006 06:13:17pm

i hope she doesn't get to sick! she's meeting simple plan tomorrow!
whoo hoooo
sorry i'm late reviewing!
off to read the next chapter!

Part #3 - The News
Gracie                   (User #1733) N/A 05/12/2006 11:05:20pm

hey just read it, this sounds really good!!!!!
could the message be from one Pierre Bouvier maybe?!?!?!? well i guess i wont no until u update hehe!
~ Gracie

xXmerci_pour_le_veninXx                   (User #2070) N/A 05/12/2006 06:34:55pm

ohhhh who is the message from? ohh i have to know so update soon please!

KaznagaN                   (User #1656) N/A 05/12/2006 02:44:39am

ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh who's the message by......?!?!?

owch that so sounded like it hurt
my best friend is the piereced one outta the two of us...
i got my ears but thats all, i got a tat though? took my mum 3 years to find it and my dad still doesn't know.

whoooo tour!

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