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Part #19 - To Have And To Hold
Abendstern                   (User #1450) N/A 02/15/2008 06:02:36am

OMG! you can't leave me haning like that! haha

Part #2 - Prologue
Abendstern                   (User #1450) N/A 11/07/2006 02:40:49am

Wow. Someone actually did there home work!! i'm liking this story already. i can't believe that you even got the WacDonalds thing!! lol awesome writing style by the way. Really killer prologue

Part #14 - Who's Afraid Of The Big, Bad Wolf
wudelfin                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 10/28/2006 10:47:54pm

this is a great story line! cant wait to see the reaction of koga to kagome. hope you update soon!!

kagome313                   (User #2150) N/A 10/28/2006 07:58:40pm

Great update!! I've been waiting for it. Update soon^^

Part #13 - Ties That Bind Us
InuGrrrl                   (User #2114) N/A 09/08/2006 05:39:05pm

Mhmm... I'm a review whore so here I am leaving another! ^_^

I love this story, C-note, you know that and the lemon was hawt. I love this Yash you've created. His canine ways (Like when he growled at Sango and his ears went back) I absolutely LOVE that. Makes my tummy go all funny! This has the makings of something wonderful (hell, it's already there!). Keep up the awesome job!

kagome313                   (User #2150) N/A 09/07/2006 08:24:05pm

Oh snap! thank kami you updated! I so luv this chapter. I've been dying to read a new lemon. You jus made my day. I like how they finally kissed and didnt do the doggy style this time. You're amazing, wonderful and tremendous. I can go on n on, but the words still would be an understatement for you! I wonder whats gonna happen now the head man or w/e saw them. Nice nice nice! and the way the sexy sesshy thinks! He's so hot n smart, I luv him! Which he'd change tho. : (. Enway, thanx for the update. I luv it. Can you pwease read my first fic n tell me what you think? I havent updated in a while cuz school started this week, and even tho I have the next chapter on papers, am jus too lazy to type it and school is soooo stressful. So yea, I'd luv it if you take time out to read my fic, pweas! *puppy eyes*

Part #12 - Of Men And Monks
InuGrrrl                   (User #2114) N/A 08/22/2006 09:19:16pm

Awesome chappie, C-note! Sorry it took so long for me to read it. Work & Hikari had my butt in a sling. I love this, it's sooo good & I love the way you write. Miroku really did it this time & I love how Inu has that possessive ownership, but still hasn't committed yet. I also loved the description of him having kags pinned down by the hotspring. I laughed forever. Excellent!!!

kagome313                   (User #2150) N/A 08/18/2006 11:12:23am

Oh, n please check out my first fic eva! "Diary Of A Woman" Tell me what you think....^^

kagome313                   (User #2150) N/A 08/18/2006 11:09:51am

wow, I thought you ditched this wonderful fic! I am so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY you updated! I jus love the way Inuyasha and Kagome are. The part when you said inuyasha had her on her belly with his fang and she wuz actually crawling jus to take a bath wuz so funny! I even saw it. Kagome really is stubborn, thats why she's Inuyasha's match. I love this fic so much, n you updating made that love bigger! Don't foget our loving pervert! Lol, what an entrance he make with kagome. Dam! I jus can't wait to see what inuyasha is gonna do. Oh, plz say that kagome smell like Miroku. That way, Inuyasha would have to take away the scent by being...intimate. lol. I'm such a hentai. I'd still luv it either way. This fic is so natural n jus like the real anime! I give you Infintity. Great job. Oh, pwease hurry n update the other fic. Onegai! But like you said there will be more updations at the end of august. That a drag, cuz it's baq to school for me in 2weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! This is a REAL drag!*pouts* Atleast you updated once. Arigato for updating!^.^

Danny Girl                   (User #2541) N/A 08/17/2006 02:53:37pm

I love this chapter and story. I like how you introduced Miroku into the story. I can't wait till Kouga comes into the story that should be fun. till the next chapter keep up the great work.

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