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Goddess.Boi.Frigg                   (User #3211) N/A 12/17/2007 06:21:13am

I've read up to the most reacent now since I've been reading this story for a while. I'm sorries you cant update sooner but keep up the good work.

Part #8 - Not What She Expected
Anime Lady PIMP                   (User #2123) N/A 08/22/2006 06:09:57pm

Don't listen to him Kagome! U did the right thing sept u should have waited till he turned back Hanyou.

kagome313                   (User #2150) N/A 08/20/2006 04:09:58pm

Oh... My... GOD!!!!!! That wuz the BEST rape scene I have eva read!!! Poor Inu! I might sound but Who cares if he wanted kags so bad. The hell with it, she cud of jus agreed. Atleast she would kno he desired her. I wuz confuse at first, i even went to re-read the chapter bfore. Man, oh, Man, oh MAN! The way Inu does thing, and did... that! It wuz a complete turn on. A full demon dominating his wench! COOL! Now I understand the reason of the title. Then in the end washed away all my excitement n turned it into sorrow! He admitted he love her. *cries* Thats a drag, how I long for him to tell me that it is me he luv. LOL. I'm so crazy!lol. But you have amazing talent, I'd give you that. I wuz so happy when you updated! I have one question. Who the hel wuz that voice in kags head. When she said kikyo, then said it can't be. I still cant help to think it's her. I thought it wuz midoriko, but she wouldnt call kags a hanyou's whore. So who is she? Pwease hurry n update. Your so awesome at this!!!^^

Deeg                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 06/23/2006 06:09:27pm

Hey I luv this fic...u gotta update!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part #7 - The Time Has Come
kagome313                   (User #2150) N/A 05/22/2006 08:29:02pm

Is the next chapter gonna be lemon?? Huh??lol, I'm hungry for some sour lemon next chapter! Wow, I never expected Inu to be like that. He should of killed that bitch kikyo! I wish I wuz there. I sure as hell wouldn't even hesitate to kill her. I loved this story. I still don't know why they don't send some kind of noticewhen fav authors updated. This site really DO suck! Pwease hurry update. I'm gonna try check evey 3-4 days, but during summer or so, cuz exams start next week : (. Loved it!!

InuGrrrl                   (User #2114) N/A 05/13/2006 03:49:31pm

Whoa! Yasha's on a roll! I think I know why you called this the Hanyou's Whore. Kudos to you for crossing the line into the dark side. Personally, I love dark fiction. I LOVE seeing Yasha lose it and get all youkai & nutty. He's part youkai, and it's to be expected and too many people act like writing him that way is like committing some huge sin *eye roll* I love the direction you're taking this in & I look forward to the next chapter!

Part #6 - Gotta Go Home
Anime Lady PIMP                   (User #2123) N/A 05/12/2006 09:28:04am

I'd come back in two days!Please update.

InuGrrrl                   (User #2114) N/A 05/10/2006 12:41:50am

This is awesome! I read all 5 chaps back to back *applauds*
Such humor! I admit I was ticked off at Yash with the Kikyou thing, but then he blew chunks and I was happy again, lol. serves his dumb ass right!!! Very fun. Update soon!

kagome313                   (User #2150) N/A 05/03/2006 10:28:16pm

OH...MY....GOD!!! That wuz awesome!! HURRY update. I like the dominant Inuyasha. And the vomiting? lol hilarious!!! Pwease hurry n update! I loved it. You jus have to update. This site sucks : p lol. I don't understand why you have no reviewers?!? why?!?!?! This fic is full of laughter, really fun to read! I loved it alot...^_^

Part #2 - That Time Again?
kagome313                   (User #2150) N/A 05/03/2006 04:47:38pm

Wow!!! that chapter wuz awesome!! I cud jus imagine Inuyasha n those dreams he's been Your writing is good so far, lets hope it get much better in the next chappy. I'm gonna go read it now! I loved it!!!

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