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My friends call me Chibi or Carnifex, I'm
almost seventeen years old, and unfortunately
I'm from Spain (yes, I hate Spain; damn, why
can't I live in London? It's the perfect
place!). I took my nick "Crewcabanger" cause
that's the name of a song of Chelsea Grin, one
of my favourite deathcore bands. And yes, I
know what it means, but I don't care at all!

I'm about 5' 7'' height and very very very thin
(but I am not anorexic, right? I've always been
like that, and even I a eat like a fucking
obese, I don't gain weight at all), my hair is
brown (my natural color, yeah) with green and
blonde hairlights (I think it is well said,
right?), and my eyes are brown with green
reflections (yes, even my eyes are strange, and
some people asked me if they were lenses).

My personality is really complicated; I can go
from being the happiest girl in the world to
want to kill me or kill everyon earound me in
milliseconds. Also, I'm pretty pessimistic, and
I cry a lot for any thing. I'm also really
fragile, but I hide it under a mask of a bad,
heartless antisocial girl (maybe it's because
of that, people in my high school think I'm
satanic, I cut myself and drink my own blood,
sacrifice animales, or maybe I am the
antichrist, LOL). And yes, the truth es I'm
fucking antisocial. I'm also very sarcastic,
only people who know me well know when I'm
talking seriously and when I'm joking. I hate
people, I hate those useless wastes of human
flesh. Why? Because, where I live, if you're
not just like them (kids who listen to
reggaeton and fuck with whoever since they're
twelve), you're a fucking weirdo-satanic-geek-

I used to write fics with anime characters, but
I think it finally bored me. Cause I always
adapt them to my personality or the
personalities of those who are around me, and
they always become a OCC, or a OC. So, I
decided, from now on, all my stories will be
with OC (original character), or maybe with
musicians and self-inserts. But I don't know,
right now I'm with a damned lack of
inspiration; I start some stories, but they
always fit incomplete, cause I don't know how
to continue.

About my hobbies, I like drawing, writing,
singing, listening to music, reading, Internet
browsing, hanging out with my friends, watching
anime... But my passion is music, hell yeah, I
listen lo lots of styles of music (deathcore,
metalcore, post hardcore, hardcore punk,
grindcore, porngrind, cybergrind, death metal,
gothic metal, thrash metal, punk rock, pop
rock, gothic rock, alternative rock, acoustic
rock, industrial, classical, neovictorian,
synthpop...). By the way, my favourite bands
are Avenged Sevenfold, Escape The Fate,
Carnifex, Emilie Autumn, Chelsea Grin, Bleed
From Within, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The
Horizon (even if their last LP sucks),
Silverstein, Winds Of Plague, My Chemical
Romance, Safetysuit, and lots more.

I have to say I'm amazed with the lot of things
I writed, I'm sure it's the most complete
description of myself I ever writed! Oh, I
forgot, I am NOT emo, goth, punk, metalhead, or
whatever you wanna call me. I hate labels and
stereotypes, you fucking bastards.
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