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ATTENTION PANIC! AT THE DISCO FANS OF THE WORLD: We need ur help to beat green day so go to mtv march madness and vote for Panic at the disco hurry polls close on midnight.
I have Panic! At The Disco's new album Vices & Virtues, & it's amazing. Any way, My name is Brandi, I abso;utely love anime obviously by my username. Also love my favorite bands Panic! At The Disco and The Academy Is... I enjoy reading stories, and love drawing have pictures on my deviant art account. I am a senior in high school, and cannot wait to friggin graduate.

1. Ryan Ross, ,my idol my hero!
2. Mountain Dew, my favorite soda ever!
3. Anime and Maga books, they are my life.
4. Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her clothes Off, the best song written by Panic! At The Disco!
5. The Phrase That Pays, best song by The Academy Is...
6. Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note, my top two favorite anime ever made in the world!
7. Ed Elric nd L(Ryuzaki), favorite anime characters.
8. Brendon Urie, amazing voice also my idol.
9. Super Mario Galaxy, best game ever for the wii.
10. Assissin's Creed, best game for ps3.
11. Selena Gomez, I idolize her she is amazing my favorite singer ever.
12. Twilight(the book series), best book I have ever read the movies not so much.

I will try to put some stories up soon, have a couple that I am in the process of hand writting at the moment. I hope to post as soon as I can, when I do hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writting them.

Panic! At The Disco
The Young Veins
Fall Out Boy
30 Seconds To Mars
All Time Low
The Academy Is...
Selena Gomez & The Scene

some of my favorite bands and heros.
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