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Cheese sandwiches-Heather(Gosen)

Men r just like public rest rooms, there taken or full of shit-Amanda

GO HEAD FLAME ME!!!!!!!!SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!*insane and evil laughter*-me&Rashika on a suger high

the best weapons in the world r:butter knife, screw driver, spork, flame thrower, any strange random object that happens 2 b lying around, black mail, and*looks 4 Hiei**whispers*fangirls-me


PINK IS A DEVIL COLOR!!!*holds up cross*-me and every other pink hater out there*

Insanity is good for the soul-Me

Violance my not be the best answer, but sure as hell works now-Rashika

and also I AM MOVING TO


the name for MediaMiner is Child of Shadows and for soupfiction i am ShadowChild also i am ShadowChild on a sight deacated to CYOAs and Insert yourself fics.


;::::; :;

;:::::' :;

;:::::; ;.

,:::::' ; OOO

::::::; ; OOOOO

;:::::; ; OOOOOOOO

,;::::::; ;' / OOOOOOO

;:::::::::`. ,,,;. / / DOOOOOO

.';:::::::::::::::::;, / / DOOOO

,::::::;::::::;;;;::::;, / / DOOO

;`::::::`'::::::;;;::::: ,#/ / DOOO

:`:::::::`;::::::;;::: ;::# / DOOO

::`:::::::`;:::::::: ;::::# / DOO

`:`:::::::`;:::::: ;::::::#/ DOO

:::`:::::::`;; ;:::::::::## OO

::::`:::::::`;::::::::;:::# OO

`:::::`::::::::::::;'`:;::# O

`:::::`::::::::;' / / `:#

::::::`:::::;' / / `# Mr. Grim

ok now i have done that!
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