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Bio Updated 12/21/02: It's sadly been well over a year since I last kept a website and about half that since I last released anything. I have been writing when I can but it's been split between so many projects that nothing gets done. Also a very key issue as to delay has been physical health. For years I've been having headaches, blackouts, etc. due to a medical condition that has grown steadily worse. After many hospital stays and doctors they think may finally begun stopping it so hopefully that will change.

Status of previous in-progress fics:

La Femme Ranma (Ranma / La Femme Nikita) - Chapter 7 about 70% complete.

Immortal Life of Elisabeth Summers (Buffy / Highlander) - Chapter 6 about 50% complete.

Soul Stealers (Buffy / Highlander) - Umm could have sworn finished and sent out chapter 5 but don't see it on hard disk or the net so gonna have to rewrite it.

The Price of Knowledge (Ranma) - 98% complete and driving me nuts that I can't seem to finish the darn thing.

My other incomplete stuff from before are now dead due to reader / author disinterest. New stuff currently under work:

When the Stakes Are High (Buffy / James Bond) - 10% complete and currently my favorite to work on. If I can get it past 50% I'll write a preview teaser for everyone.

Pokehell (Buffy / Pokemon) - Prologue and 2 chapters complete but I refuse to release until the series is close to finishing to avoid a repeat of (LFR ILES SS) years between updates disaster.

A Ranma Divided (Ranma) - Was completed but currently undergoing a rewrite due to multiple suggestions.

Giving Fate A Helping Hand (Ranma / Sailor Moon) - About 30% complete. For years I swore I'd never contribute to this crossover genre. I especially swore I'd _NEVER_ make Ranma aa sailor scout. Then a friend tricked me into accepting a challenge using my stupid pride. Oh well.. with any luck this story will be so bogged down by writer's block that I never release it.. ;p

I've got other stories in my head or partially written but knowing my slow writing speed I doubt any ever see the light of day.

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  • La Femme Ranma - Review This Story!

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Ranma
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: Cross-Over
    Chapters: 6
    Words: 22809
    Reviews: 1
    Views: 5964
    Posted: 10/28/2002 06:18:48am
    Updated: 10/28/2002 06:18:48am

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