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Hi, I'm another refugee... But don't worry; my stories are good! Anyway, as you might have guessed from the name, I'm a big Team Rocket fan. I mostly go by Bunny Meatball or Odango Usagi, and that should also tell you that I'm a pretty big Sailor Moon fan! XD I write mostly YGO ficiton, though--especially romances about my favorite couple, Jounouchi and Yuugi. ^_~ I can't wait for that to be the new category. I'll also continue some of the fics that I've already started and submit them here. And, who knows? I might even bring some of my "classics". ^_^

But for now, I have a few MSTs and an FF8 fic on the way (inspired by Darchangel/El Sallo [or La Salla, as I like to call her]) so, stick around for those, okay? ^_~

Sorry 'bout that. Life's been hectic, and being without a job only makes it worse. Here's what I'm working on:


-The Name of The Game (humor)
-Immortality (tragedy)


-Some Tifa x Aeris story that I wanna do, but can't get around to yet since I haven't even played the game twice and I haven't gotten a real feel of canon yet.


-Tickled Pink, ch. 2
-Pillow Talk (romance--yes, my first YGO story, fully revised)
-And a lot of other things...


-Don't Drink and Drive Jessie Crazy (humor/romance... and a lime XD)


-When a Female Fires Back (humor/adventure... also defending bashed characters X3)
-Enter the Golden Fox (humor/self-insertion--about me and my imaginary rival/muse)
-Invasion of the Bishounen Snatcher (humor--starring my infamous OC from Pillow Talk... and Fox. XD)


-BMST2K5 Episode 2 (I might be doing an anti-Kikyou fic, but I'm not sure... I might do it anyway, though, seeing as how I love to defend bashed characters >D)
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