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You really want to know about me? Ok, here's what I can tell you.

I'm your average bisexual Puerto Rican female who was born and raised in Bronx, NY. I've had an obsession for all things anime since I was 17 years old and have enjoyed reading yaoi fan fics since I was 21 years old. I'm known for being slightly evil and quite insane but, despite my 'devil incarnate' tendencies, I'm a very shy person. I decided to try my hand at writing fanfiction one day when I noticed the severe shortage of Aya/Omi (Wei? Kreuz) slash fics on the web.

Currently I'm working on adding to my fan fic 'First-Aid Lesson', which I've had trouble with for about a year now. Any good ideas that may be passed on to me would be more than welcome and, of course, would be fully credited if used. I must say that I definitely enjoy getting feedback on my writing. Mainly, it's because I prefer to know what I'm getting right and what I have to work on. Mostly though, it's just so I know whether people are enjoying my efforts or not.

Just so you know, I don't think I'm much of a writer. I just write to keep myself entertained. Of course, I also write to pacify my sexy cross-dressing catboy muse, Kuro (short for Kuroneko). Not that you all care about that, right?

Anyway, I can't think of anything else you all need to know about me. If you'd like to know more about me (for whatever strange reason) check out my homepage or my LiveJournal (user name: ChibiChula). Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and/or my writings.
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  • First-Aid Lesson - Review This Story!

    Aya hurts his hand and Omi tends to him. What happens when Aya decides to teach Omi his way of 'kissing it better'?

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Weiss Kreuz
    Rated: PG
    Language: English
    Genre: General
    Chapters: 2
    Words: 9454
    Reviews: 2
    Views: 1587
    Posted: 08/25/2004 08:17:44pm
    Updated: 08/25/2004 08:17:44pm

  • Not Quite Right, Not Quite Wrong - Review This Story!

    Kioshi and Daiki have a really big problem. Each other. Their parents believe they could influence each other positively. They don't agree. Without regard to their wishes, they've been thrown together. Will they be proven right or wrong? Note: This story will probably go up in rating to R, possibly NC-17. Not quite yet though. ^_^

    Category: Fiction >> Romance
    Rated: G
    Language: English
    Genre: General
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 1370
    Reviews: 0
    Views: 790
    Posted: 08/25/2004 05:33:22am
    Updated: 08/25/2004 05:33:22am

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