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Sup. :)
I'm Sianny
Eighteen. Single. 7 Piercings and a deathbat tattoo. :)
I'm from South England.
I dress weird, I make no sence and my brain is like a goldfish with a tumor...but people seem to love me for it. (Y)

I used to write a fuck load of A7X stories but I'm on hold till I get an awesome idea in my head. I tend to mix the pairings up a bit coz I'm sick of just Zack & Brian pairings.
I'm more a Jimmy girl myself.
RIP.Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. xxx

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  • Now Your Nightmares Come To Life. - Review This Story!

    After her mother's passing, Skyler and her family move to Huntington Beach, where she meets a whole new crowd of friends, but will her past continue to haunt her?

    Category: Musicians/Music Groups >> Avenged Sevenfold
    Rated: NC-17
    Language: English
    Genre: Alt. Universe/Timeline > Drama
    Chapters: 2
    Words: 5022
    Reviews: 6
    Views: 1453
    Posted: 09/22/2010 07:00:07pm
    Updated: 09/22/2010 07:00:07pm

  • Eternal Rest - Review This Story!

    I sit here. At this moment. My life. My world. Crushed. Nothing is worth living without your best friends by your side. I have nothing left.

    Category: Musicians/Music Groups >> Avenged Sevenfold
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: One-Shot > Tragedy
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 2634
    Reviews: 5
    Views: 1303
    Posted: 08/11/2009 08:37:06pm
    Updated: 08/11/2009 08:37:06pm

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