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i'm ellen marietta, and ily.
i was born august 10th, 1995. you do the math. it's not what'd you expect. i'm single&looking for a hardcore guy or girl to make my life complete. help me out? im a girl you will not regret!
Wanna know a little about me? Okay, here it goes.
Fact number one is the fact I don't look or act my age. I hate when people assume since I am young, I am automatically immature & unreasonable. i'm a personable & mature person, believe it or not.
fact number two is that i don't need 100 tattoos & peircings or rainbow hair to be individual. Whether i stand out with my looks or not, I am myself & i don't need to have fake colors in my hair or skin to prove that. I am one in a million.
i honestly don't have the biggest fanclub in the world. but the people that do love me, i love in return. treat me with respect, you'll get it back. i try very hard not to judge people by the way they act, but it's very hard for me not to.
that's basically all you need to know about me here. if you want to get to know me, contact me. i would adore talking to you.
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