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These about me sections are bogus. I don't know what you specifically want to know about me. I'm twenty. I can't wait for twenty one. I'm hoping for drunken laser tag. Who's gonna challenge me? No one. 'Cause I kick ass at laser tag =] I'm a scene kid, obsessed with Jackson Rathbone, trying to make it in a collegiate world. =] I'm a political science major with a focus on pre-law. I'm minoring in Spanish. I REALLY want to go to Cornell Law School because their International Law Program is spectacular. You get to spend two years at Cornell and then two years in either Hong Kong or Paris. I want to go to Hong Kong. Mom says the only reason I want to do the program is so that I can travel the know what? She's right. If it's the only way I'm going to see the world than so be it. I really, really want to practice Constitutional Law, but I guess I'd settle with International. =P I like ice cream and cheezits (not together though). I keep a box of Cheezits in my room at all times. I like Mexican food the best though. It has to be TexMex. MexiCali sucks. I like my life for the most part. I've been given a few rough hands, but, I'm making it work. My dad's a piece of crap. End of story. My mom's amazing. She's helped me and held my hand through everything that I need her to. =] She's my hero. I'm a libertarian, but I, for the most part, vote republican. I'm the most politically conservative person you'll ever meet. The stimulus package is stupid. Obama is stupid. The next 3 and 1/2 years are going to be stupid. I mean come on, most of the things in the stimulus package won't take effect till 2013 and we'll sure as hell be out of the recession by what...we'll have inflation. Stupid. I
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