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Hey,I'm Katie,but u already knew that.I'm a hyperactive 20 yr old who loves music,it's pretty much my life.But my first love is my amazing group of friends who've stuck by me thru everything,espec Jordan,Charmaine and Tash.I also love my online friends,espec May,that girl is soo rad,Laura,the evil genius and B,the coolest guy on the planet.I'm a fidget arse who can't stay 4 too long and I have a slight obsession with my cat.I also have a really big obsession with the Kings of Leon,especially the gorgeous Jared.Nope,I'm not a groupie,I love the band for their music,but I also love Jared Followill.

Another slight obsession I have is with the greatest band in the world EVER,Depeche Mode.Them guys are the coolest british band to hav graced the stage.

May and I have a secret crush on the lush Jon Walker.LOL.It's not exactly a secret anymore though.
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