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I'm complex, confusing, and bitchy.
I doubt you'll ever fully understand me.
My motives about things are usually clear,
but I am good at hinding them if necessary.
My favorite word ever is either fuck or cunt.
I say both of them more than the average 15 year old should.
The best part about the word "Believe" is the word "Lie"
I messed up, and I'm dropping "I'm sorry" like you're still around
I'm in a rough patch in my life right now,
and I only have few friends who will fully comprehend.
I've loved and lost, and trust me,
the saying "it's better to have loved an lost,
tan to have never loved at all" is a shit saying.
At least if you never love it can't hurt.
Most of you preteen/teenage girls cannot begin to understand love.
Most of you throw the word around; telling everyone you love them.
The reality is: no. You don't.
It's unlikely that you'll love every boyfriend/girlfriend you have.
Most of you experience infactuation, not the real thing.
I've only truely loved a handful of people,
and a lot of them havent been romantically anyhow.
My true friends and close family are my world.
I'm bored talking about myself. Hit me up?
I'll only bite if you're into that kinda thing. =D
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    Posted: 02/07/2009 03:18:26pm
    Updated: 02/07/2009 03:18:26pm

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