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Well, my real name is Samantha Orion Whipps(Feel free to be a 40 year old man and virtualy stalk me), and I'm aboslutely awesome.

I have had a colour scheme since I was born, and that is Purple and Green. This is probably why I like Gabe Saporta so much.

I teach yoga to the kids at my school, and I have an obsession with fueled by ramen. I'm on their street team.

I also make buttons. Buttons are fun. I make Panic at the Disco buttons and throw them at people.

So, now people have Brendon and Ryan in funny costumes about to kiss stuck on their bags.

Oh, and Gabe holding money to Pete and they look like prostitutes.

If you guys ever want a button, email me, and I'll mail them to you.



Uhm. I work for my parents and I make donuts with them. And my dad has a crush on William Beckett. Dead serious. He also wears suead flip flops and has his hair done at Masion Fritz by a gay guy named Andrew who layers my hair.

And yet, he's not gay...

Anyways again, I'm not going to collage because my parents are all "LEGACY, CHILD! TAKE OVER A LEGACY!"

...I don't like Legacies. People like to kidnap girls who have Legacies and deamnd ransoms from their parents.


They wouldn't even insure my life at school. And they know how clumsy I am.

How THE FUCK am I a YOGA instructor and I break everything?


I like Gayness. =D My iPod is named Ryden, and my iPhone is named Ryan and is gay for my friends Blackberry Storm named Brendon.

The iPod is thinner, that's why he's Ryan...


I should shove donuts down his throat... Then I'd feel special.

Brendon Urie looks like Jhonen Vasquez when he wears his glasses. Only less old and less scary looking.

But just as sexy. ;D

Back on track!

I have several main obsessions.

Fueled By Ramena and their bands of Awesome.

Jhonen Vasquez, and his amazing JtHM comics, Squee, I Feel Sick, Invader ZIM and such.

Roman Dirge. Because Lenore is so effing cute.

Sunglasses and Hats. =D

Apple. They have sexy stuff...


Prince William and Prince Harry. Preferably if/when they make out.

Harry Potter and the Book That Ended Like It Was Twilight.

Being part of the Anti-Twilight, I Fucking Hate You Edward Cullen, and I MAKE FUN OF TWILIGHT AND MY GIRLFRIEND DUMPED ME FOR IT face book groups.

That's about it.

Twilight Sucks, Audrey Kitching is retarded, and is paid by Peta to not wear fur, Yoga is fun, Stop Making Babies, and kindly do not go to collage and get an education. I want to be rich one day. And that wont happen if you people get all the good jobs.


I love you all. I'm going to shut up now.

And now, for a few of my Ture Stories About Panic at the Disco Involving Sam Whipps.

- I have a Monster Original(The Green One) can that has had Brendon Urie's mouth on it.
It was probably the oddest thing someone asked from him.

- I have constantly wondered what would happen if I got Ryan Ross to sign my arm in Industrial Sharpie, only to then die from toxins, knowing full well Ryan Ross pretty much killed me.

- Then I wonder what he would do about it.

- My iPod Touch is named Ryan Ross and is gay for my friend Carley's iPod Touch named Brendon Urie.

- I forced Charles and Kelly to name their Touch's Jon and Spencer.

- They all play Panic at the Disco songs at the same time.

- In Class.

- I have a Facebook group deidcated to myself.

- Everything on it is Panic at the Disco.

- I have mailed in a beautiful picture to Brendon Urie. It is all stickmen. If you want to see the scan in that I did before mailing, ask me.

- I hope Brendon likes it. And ignores the fact that it says "Ryan Ross: He looks innocent.

But he's not.

He's a whore.


I wouldn't know though.

Wish I did..." on it. All pointing to a stickman of Ryan Ross(Which looks a lot like Brendon. Only shorter, and has no butt, also holding a guitar).

- I have made buttons of them, and thrown them at people on the stree.

- I joined the Fueled By Ramen street team just as an excuse to throw more buttons at people with the Toronto Concert dates on them.

- I drink Vitamin Water because they do.

- And it's actualy very good.

- The Dragonfruit one tastes like piss, though. I wonder how Tom from PWTs and drink it...

- My iPod has it ingraved that Ryden Exists.

- iRyanRoss does not lie.

- Keltie was a bitch.
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