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Dear Mister or Miss, My name is Jasmine Lashae Smith. I'm 15 years of age and way more mature than most people my age. I'm pretty nice and understanding when it comes to important stuff. I'm pretty much never in drama because I don't hang around everyone and I never know about a new rumor. I am very quiet around people I don't know or when you first hang out with me. But don't be alarmed, I will lighten up and get crazy sooner or later. I stand up for what I believe in alot and listen to some of the greatest band's and artist in the world. I'm always ready to listen to something new.

I can be your bestest friend or your biggest enemy. Trust me,when you get on my bad side once, you'll wish you never did. I'm not a fan of racism, so if you can't hang with the people being cooked in the oven, then stay in the refrigerator bitch! I've been denied for my color and it use to get me down but now I couldn't give a rat's ass about that. It's honestly your loss darling. I really want world peace. I mean honestly people why fight? Let's cherish what we've been given. I don't mean go straight edge. You really only live once so I say have fun because soon it will be over. Just know what's smart and what's stupid. Please don't try and fit in because it's not great at all. Don't let other's change who you are and don't do someing you know is wrong, just to " impress " your friend's. That's really stupid. Just wait until the real friend's come around. I did but I also learned who I should let myself be around.

I dream really big all the time. My dream is to become a successful musician and travel the world with my friends and or band. I'm learning how to sing and play different instrument's day by day. I'm gonna be a great leader and people will look up to me in every way possible. If I feel anyone in my life will prevent that from happening I will drop them like a hot potato. Yeah, I'm weird but you gotta love me. I won't be like most musicians and get big,turn to drugs,fuck up my career and everything I worked hard for and die.I am and will be different from them all.

Don't think for a second that I need you in my life. I have the people I want in my life and that are worth dying for. Never come to me saying your one way and leave then later and come back and say your something else. That shit doesn't fly with me at all. I'm gonna live life the way I want to. I don't need to live a certain way. In the end I'm going to die alone anyway. Hater's make me happier than my favorite band. Because the more people talk about me the more my name will get around and sooner or later I'll be fuckin famous. Don't judge me because I'm only gonna prove you wrong.

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