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Hunger-H I A T U S.
Stay Between the Shores- Chapter 4.

I'm a shameless plug. I'm in love with Pierre.

Yep, yep... but aside from that, yo! What's up, people call me Teag, just Teag. I'm 18 years old and am a Graphic Design major at Mansfield University. Writing is obviously a hobby of mine, but obviously takes a back seat to my studies and field hockey (I play intercollegiate), so if I don't make an update in a while, expect that it's most likely school work that's keeping me from doing so.

Simple Plan, is obviously my favorite band. They're motivational and have inspired me to do great things with the gifts I have. Meatloaf and Cheap Trick are pretty much tied for second, and Taylor Swift in third... yeah, I'm a Taylor fan. Shut it.

Basically, I'm a quiet person. I don't talk to people in person very well, but as you see I'm very talkative online... my boyfriend can't seem to figure out why exactly, but--still. And so instead of communicating verbally, I best say what's needed said through writing or drawing. I love art, in fact I do a few scenes from my stories every now and again to add visual effect. If you ever get the chance, you should totally check those out.

And that is basically all I say about myself, without completely exposing myself to online predators (not saying any of you are, just... y'anno...meh) and wish you a Merry Christmas... or Kwanza... or Hannukah, or whatever you celebrate.


P.S. If you read my stuff, please review it? My story SBTS has 56 views and it's sad that out of those 56, only 2 people reviewed. C'mon, if you read it, I'd appreciate it if you left some kind of feedback on it so I wouldn't feel like I'm writing it for no one.
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