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first of name is diana =]

im not very good with words, but i will try my best to get things to flow out of my mouth evenly. i have a problem with laughter and things of that nature, because once i start i cant stop. i like it when people tell me that i make them smile because a smile is free, and i give them away like one is ever perfect and we are full of flaws i just happen to have the worst ones, but they are full of good intentions. my life is full of problems and unanswered questions just like anyone else's,but i would like to hear yours first =] it is difficult to make new friends, but you never know if you never try.i found out that giving is better than receiving, and the joy that comes with it is priceless. i hate it when people classify others, because we are not cans and we dont need labels. i come off as mean, but i can be nice if you have the time and patience to get to know me =] i don't believe in unnecessary violence and hope that one day at least a few people will believe in that too...i believe that we CAN stop animal cruelty and treat animals with respect,so i became vegetarian. i take pride in what i am, and i would never change for nothing or anyone in the world.appearances can be misleading, so i look for personality instead of looks. people who are mean for no reason are stupid and rude, although i come off as one. books are one of the best things that ever happened, and music flows through the veins in teenagers, so there is need for ipods in this world. good cartoons ended in the '90's so i dont have a need to watch the idiot box. hugs and smiles are my anti-drugs...i enjoy long walks on the beach and warm summers are the best... rainy days are some of my favorites because its one of those days where the earth cleanses itself and leaves the day peaceful.i find the need to say random words just because i am random. being loud is one of my many perks and i enjoy every living breathing minute of it. caring of what people think of you is a waste of the precious minutes of your life. go on and enjoy the nature that is around you. enjoy natural beauty.i dont like to follow trends because i like being myself ...succeeding in things and being the best is not in my interest. live. love. laugh is my motto, and so far, so good. i dont believe in right and wrong, just in what you think is moral and good and what you believe in there is nothing like a good laugh with the people that you care most about, and nothing is compared to having a good time. i do believe that if you speak your mind, things will change because we can all make a difference in this world, even if it is a small one.i believe in random acts of kindness.writing is one of my many passions and i am not embarrassed to say that i can be pretty stupid, but i dont care what you think of me because that is just your life to the fullest, like there's no tomorrow love until your heart burst open with glee and happiness, and laugh until you can't move a muscle and have to go pee. the motto is can chose to follow it or leave it...its your life, your path..chose the good one...and live with no regrets its your choice ♥ telling someone you love them is the best feeling you will ever get...remind people that you love them and they will return the favor =] make someone happy today.... smiles are free and happiness is plentiful...go on and find it.
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