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  • Huntress - Review This Story!

    Kira is a bitchy, in the tough way not preppy, turned vamp and professional hunter (well as professional as it gets) with one hell of a reputation, who ends up having to keep an eye on the boys after they get into trouble with the fuzz at the end of the video. Lets just say sheís not to happy about it. Iím not an overly obsessed fan girl I just saw the video and thought and would make an awesome story. ^__^

    Category: Musicians/Music Groups >> Fall Out Boy
    Rated: R
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Action/Adventure > Humor
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 23491
    Reviews: 2
    Views: 503
    Posted: 03/17/2009 08:11:30pm
    Updated: 03/17/2009 08:11:30pm

  • Neko Akuma - Review This Story!

    13 year old Keyore Nacare is air to the most powerful demon clan in the five great shinobi lands. But that doesnít matter to most in the hidden leaf villages. Shunned and cast out because of her half human half demon heritage, she harbors a secret hate for most humans, except her best friend Naruto Uzamaki. And as if things arenít complicated enough she gets placed on a four man cell with Naruto sasuke and Sakura ,things might not go as well as she planed.

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Naruto
    Rated: R
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Action/Adventure > Romance
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 23011
    Reviews: 0
    Views: 724
    Posted: 05/28/2008 07:39:33pm
    Updated: 05/28/2008 07:46:12pm

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