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Damn you, damn you. You took away the developed community of blink slash fanatics (for more info, do please check out for your own sake.

Sorry for the lack of writing here. I'm originally a band writer (blink 182 and Five Iron Frenzy) and all of my blink-182 fics got deleted during the "FF Apocolypse" I am however looking forwarding to posting some things I've written, as well as begining to write more (paticularly Mighty Ducks fics.)

If you want to know who I am, I'm just a painfully average junior stuck in the boonies and mountains of Colorado. I play and live for ice hockey (no chick leauges though, please), roller hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, run track and cross country, rock climb, mountain bike, hike, swim, play water polo and raft.

I like music quite a bit. I love ska like Less Than Jake, Five Iron Frenzy, Brave Saint Saturn, Big D and the Kids Table, Mad Caddies, Link 80, Slick Shoes, Save Ferris, etc. etc. as well as other awesome bands like One Man Solution, NoFX, MxPx, Palooka, Alkaline Trio, Propagahndi, Rise Against, Cursive, Boxcar Racer, From Autumn to Ashes, thirtysix flip (Fear Before a March of Flames), Ending April, The Transplants, Taking Back Sunday, Glassjaw, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Anti-Flag, blink-182, The Offspring, AFI, Metallica, The New Amsterdams, Tinkers Punishment, Flogging Molly, Weezer, The Refreshments, B-52s, Sloppy Meateaters, The Appleseed Cast, Further Seems Forever, Nirvana, Green Day, Pat and the Bishop, Fallen Stars Forgotten, Bright Eyes, Rufio, At The Drive In, Allister...

Feel free to IM me, although I'm just a boring Canadian.

Cheers kiddos.
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