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Me: Time for a bit about me!
Alter-ego Shampoo: Oh no.
Me: What?
Alter-ego Shampoo: Just warning the poor readers.
Me: *oblivious*
Both: Here goes!
My name is Courtney. I have many nicknames, [Nene,
Barney, Courtz, Courtner, the list goes on] but most just call
me Courtney. Usually.
I live in New Zealand, it's real cool here. I'm thirteen and my birthday is in June. I like music [who doesn't?] and the song
on my iPod is A little more by Skillet.
I like drawing [some of
my art is up] and reading, and I write sometimes
[Alter-ego Shampoo: ...] My favourite manga is Fruits
Basket. Number twenty comes out next month. *Psychs*
I go to an awesome church and serve an awesome God.

Next story: It'll be another chapter of "If the Furuba cast
were idiots..." beacuse that might go on forever. Woohoo.

Alter-ego Shampoo: Feel better now you got that out of your
Me: *breathes deeply* ...Yeah...
Me: I want one of those little avatar thingys. I'll go see if I
can find one.
Alt/ego Shampoo: Can you even put those on here?
Me: Dunno.
Alt/ego Shampoo: You can't.
Me: Why? How do you know?
Alt/ego Shampoo: You already tried.
Me: Right.
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