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Hi, we're the players whose two year oddessy of madness inspired the fanfic you have hopefully been reading.

Forming this group is:

Joseph C. McKenzie (GM, Chi-Ohki, and Sir Molesalot, god of Ani Dai Campus)

Neo-Ohki (Makoli Maslow, resident cat girl of the group and master of the art of Moleman seduction.)

Syrstal Indux (Kaga Reioyama, resident wearer of the color red and fearer of water, lord general of the Anti-gun ohki society)

Keiichi "Kei" Masaki (Takeshi Kubo, fiance of Harumi Yasashiime, master of the "Nate-ism" and Shag King of the Shag Pad!)

Ely Koisu (Gun-Ohki/Gun Cabbit/Hell-made-from-a-cabbit-with-big-guns. The cabbit of true destruction! Nuff said.)

Mrs. April (Alex, daughter of Bubba "Bob" the campus mechanic, mistress of the Deuce, and brother of Jim Bob)

And many more, whose descriptions I will post later as I cannot remember all the details.

Anyway, read the story! Then buy the game and play it yourself!
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    for those who've played my only gift i can give..kill me later

    Category: Fiction >> Anime
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: General
    Chapters: 5
    Words: 20805
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    Posted: 09/14/2003 05:24:38am
    Updated: 09/14/2003 05:24:38am

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