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My Name Is Danessa And I Am A Senior. I Have A Sped Dog. But I Love His Retarded Butt Anyways. I Think You Should Always Look Farther Than Physical Features
A Strong Personality Is Important Some Of The Nicest Looking People Are Real Jerks. Dont Let The Cover Fool You!! People Say Things To Hurt Me.
And They Say Things To Hurt Others.
Just Because Your Insecure To Doesnt Mean You Should Put
Others Down To Hide Your Flaws. It Doesnt Make You Look Cool. Trust Me. Everyone Is Scared Of Others Opinions
Your Lying When If Say You DONT CARE.
Everyone Dreams Of Acceptance. Everyone Cares.Since When Did Sex Become The Cool Thing?
Yes I Do Go To Parties.
No I Don't Drink
Never Been Drunk.
No I Dont Do Drugs
Never Want To.
That Doesn't Mean You Can't.
And It Doesnt Mean I Dont Have Fun
Because I Do. Plenty Of Fun To.
I Watch Cartoons. That Is Fun. =)
Im A Smart Aleck.
I Love Orange Juice. Love All Kinds Of Music.
There Is No Such Thing As To Much Sleep.
Exercise Is For...Athletic People.
I Want A Swimming Pool Full Of Lobsters.
God Is The Reason I Am Here Now
And Still The Reason I'll Be Here Tomorrow
Everything In Life Happens For A Reason. I Believe That Even If I Dont Like What Happens. Am A Jeff Gordon Fan And Proud Of It.
TV Land Rules.
Im More Likley To Become Your
Best Friend Rather Than
Your Girlfriend
I Like Holding Hands
But Every Girl Does.
I Think About Others Alot.
I Rather Everyone Else Be Happy
I Wont Change For People.
I'm Me. Not You.
Dont Compare Me To You.
Dont Try To Make Me You.
And Dont Compete With Me.
Im Not Telling You To Not Compete Me Because Im Afraid You Will Win. I Know You Wont. I Just Dont Want You To Embarass Yourself. =) You Can Talk To Me About Anything.
I Try To Be Understanding. Try. I Will Listen To You Side Of The Story. IF--> You Dont Scream It At Me. I Dont Like To Be Yelled At. I Am Not Gothic. Lets Just Clear That Up Eh? =) My Favorite Color Is Black And I Love My Chemical Romance. Surely There Are More Qualifications For Gothicness Than That?
I Am Scared Of Spiders, The Dark, Clowns, And Day Time TV.
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