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check out tehh myspace. ;)

supp. i'm crystal, and i do the dance of the happy genitilia.

i have a lot of secrets that i'm not willing to tell, even though some people find out about them anyway.

i'll offically be a frosh in september.

yes i know, i'm VERY young. but i suppose that's a good thing if I plan on writing in the future...i really SUCK right now in my opinion but there's still much to learn. =]

i wanna start a band...i guess. something along the lines of Paramore?

i think commerical are hilarious, and i laugh at everything. i love reading fanfictions.

i question myself a lot..and i hate that about myself.

well i'm pretty fun, crazy, and wild.

and i'm pretty nice. TOO nice.

love you.
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    Ryan's always been the shy, smart, and talented art geek, and Brendon's always been the horny, slutty ego-maniac. Will a bond between the two result in a change for the better? Or a change for the worst?…///CHAPTER 9 UP!!

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    Genre: Slash > Drama
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