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Profiles >> Kistune No Akasuna

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Name: Kitsune no Akasuna (not my real name, only cause I have to!
DOB: October 30
Age: 16
Height/body: 5'3/slim-slender
Hair: Black, but I dye it a lot.
Eyes: They change depending on the season and my mood.
Skin: Pale bordering tan
Religion: Wicca
Race: Caucasian
Heritage: Scottish, Irish, Dutch, French-Canadian, and a bit of Mexican somewhere.
Hobbies: Drawing, writing/typing, making stories/lyrics/poems, taking pictures, video taping things (but i don't have my own video camera yet), and sleeping.
Movies: I like a lot of movies, but my favorite was Tokyo Drift.
Music: Umm, no country. Read my myspace page where I answered a lot of questions, you'll see why.
Shows: Anime and lots of other things!
Occupation: Healer and Cosplayer
Personality: I am a very random person, people say i have the following: Schizo, MPD (multiple personality disorder), Bi-polar, ADD, ADHD, and more. I have plenty of issues thank you!
Education: High School (sophomore)
Job: None yet, but I want to work at a place where my boss isn't a complete jerk. So yea, that will take some time.

Umm, if you want to know more about my just email me. Or leave a message on myspace to me! ^_^
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