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Hi, I?m Liam the Echidna. I?m your average teen, out writing stories on the Internet. I?m a member of other archives, which I will list in a moment, but please take a look at my actual profile if you wish.


Age: 13

Interests: Video games, story writing, making videos with digital cameras

Talents: I have a musical talent (which I will be using for guitar later), and I think I may have a writing talent, but I have to sharpen up on it, which is why I?m here.

Gender: Male


Fanfiction Net: The world?s #1 archive so far, with Ficwad and Fandomination (see below) trailing behind. In this site, you?re very likely to get a load of reviews overnight, as there are many people who have joined it. My username there is Liam the Echidna, like it is here.

Stories Posted in Fanfiction Net: None

Ficwad: The archive rated #2 next to Fanfiction Net. My username there is Liam_The_Echidna (underscores because the usernames won?t take spaces). There they have basically no rules, and you can write basically anything without it getting reported. It?s easier to get in arguments with people there because lots of members write about controversial things. Stay away from the trouble though, and it can be a decent site.

Stories Posted in Ficwad: None

Fandomination: This archive is one of the least popular, but it can still be a decent place (My username is Liam Echidna). It varies in review popularity, because most of the people want to write about musicians rather than things like games or movies. I, personally, don?t give a care about the musician section, but I?m starting to write up on the games.

Stories Posted in Fandomination: The Ocarina of Randomness (Games/Zelda)

And what about here? Most everyone wants a site like Fanfiction Net or Ficwad, but I like this site and Fandomination a lot. I expect to write a lot here, but there are some site bugs that the admins might need to fix soon before I really start cooking. My favorite thing about this site is that there?s nothing dirty here. It really is a clean place, minus some people wanting to cuss in their works.

Liam Echidna out.
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