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to start things off, my name's Rebecca. i prefer Becca usually. although you could basically call me anything you want and get away with it cuz i have SOO many nick names. i'm a fairly nice person and easy to get along with. as long as you don't insult one of my friends or myself, you're good on that part. and one of my passions is singing. it's one of my favorite things to do. i plan on being lead singer in a punk/pop/rock band one day.

i also do enjoy writing when i'm in the mood for it. me and my friend (who's not on here but should be!) are in the middle of writing a Paramore story at the moment. i might post some of it soon once we get a title for the story and write a bit more to it. it'll be awesome, garenteed!

my FAVORITE band in the entire world is Simple Plan. honestly, i have no idea who i would be if i never discoverd them 3 years ago. they've done nothing but be there for me and show me things that i've never even thought of before. they're always there when i need a pick me up. their music is just amazing to my ears. i'm really beyond excited for their self-titled cd. i'm sure it's gonna turn into an amazing thing for them. i can't wait to meet them one day. although i'll probably make an ass of myself, but i'm really excited to have conversations with them =).

other than Simple Plan, my other favorite bands consist of Paramore, Good Charlotte, Drake Bell, Faber Drive, My Favorite Highway, Forever The Sickest Kids, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Avril Lavinge, Jonas Brothers, Boys Like Girls, Madina Lake, and i'm a sucker for Corbin Bleu and Ashley Tisdale. i could go on forever about all these guys. in one way or another, their music has helped me through something in my life. i could thank them for eternity and a day for everything =).

and i LOVE going to shows! i've only been to 5 in my life so far, but it's so exciting to go to a new one. it's so fun talking to the band members about random things and their music. how they were inspired, what they think about certain things, ect. it's amazing. there's a few i wanna go to within the next few months (which consits of MAYBE Simple Plan, Madina Lake/Aiden, Avril Lavinge/Boys Like Girls, and the AP 2008 tour). i'm really hoping to make it to at least one of those (especially the Simple Plan one! but i doubt it cuz it's a Tuesday, i would have to travel 5-6 hours to get there, my parents more than likely will be working and their not gonna take me that far away, and it's a school night. but who knows. maybe there'll be a mircle involved here =D). let's just cross our fingers!

so yea. hope you had fun reading my life. haha! any questions or comments? just message me or whatever and i'll get back to you =).
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