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UPDATE!:: I have found an original story in the bottom of my closet all finished. I don't know how old it is but since it is finished I'm uploading it for you all to read. I hope you like it. =)


UPDATE!!:: I have begun posting my Original stories. I will keep writing Coming Out no matter what but I will only POST IT if i get enough views or a review! SO!!! REMINDER!! IF YOU WANT UPDATES REVIEW!

UPDATE!!::I am sorry that I havent updated with any quality lately. but I am writing a few Original stories at the moment. once they are written up to a decent amount i will begin posting them on here but i am not updating any of the stories on hiatus without reviews. sorry. -Kraze

Update:: Bordering on Insane is now Completed with 13 chapters. I know, the ending is shit, but there is a sequel for it.

Okai, so I finished Both DMSWYL and Wake Me From This Nightmare. I'm sorry if you didnt like how it ended, but i just had to end it that way. i hope you understand.

I'm an "emo" kid and i have pink hair! :D. its all dyed cause i hate my nautural blonde-brown hair. My hair has been purple, black, green, blue, and fire engine red in the past though. ^^ Why am i just now doing this to my bio? cause I FIGURED OUT IT WAS CALLED A BIO!! lol. oh, btw i lurve emails and reviews. they make me feel all fuzzy and happy inside. lol.

Please read and review my stories, the more reviews I get the quicker I write because I want to get new chapters out so I can possibly get more reviews. so keep that in mind if you are waiting for updates.

~*~Kraze O'Neille~*~

Take Away the Pain (Active)
Nightmare (Active)
Coming Out (Hiatus)
I Wont See You Tonight (Hiatus)
Silent Suicide (Hiatus)
Bordering on Insane (Finished)
(Sequel)We've Made it Through (Hiatus)
Drown My Sadness With Your Love (Finished)
(Sequel)Wake Me From This Nightmare (Finished)
There's no Such Thing as a Happy Ending (active)
ASFTDW (Hiatus in typing)

Warm Summer Rain (Canceled)
Do Memories Ever Fade? (Canceled)
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