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New Hampshire
Aspiring Mechanical Engineer
Varsity Math Team
F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Team - "Quarter Master"

I'm a good shoulder to cry on when you need to let it out. I'll even distract you if you don't want to. I'm never too busy for my friends. I laugh at just about everything. I'm not too "scene" to laugh at myself. I'm good comic relief. I'll make you laugh during a serious movie. I consider new people friends until they prove they don't deserve my friendship.

I think MTV is ridiculous. I think "teenie-talk" makes people look like idiots. If you talk to me in "teenie-talk", I won't be talking back to you. I hate MySpace even though I have one. I have a LiveJournal even though I don't use it. Quizilla is the only peer-to-peer community I keep myself updated on.

SPEAKING OF WHICH(because I obviously didn't plan this. XD), I love reading fan-fiction on Quizilla and I even have my own account. I'm shy about my writing so please don't bash me with hate-mail or barrage me with compliments while subtly insisting I update. I'd prefer you just say you like the story, or, even better, provide me with some constructive criticism.

I love reading novels. Invisible Monsters was an awesome page-turner that I suggest you read. The Da Vinci Code was beyond amazing (I feel like the movie ruined it). All Stephen King novels leave me completely in awe. Carrie and The Shining are a few of my favorites of his. Everyone in my English class will probably disagree with me when I say that The Great Gatsby was fantastic and it opened my eyes to the consequences of self-centeredness. The Picture of Dorian Gray was an awesome book as well and it perfectly portrayed the result superficiality can have. I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and I think it was an awesome idea to get relatable experiences of everyday people and compile them into a book. I have to say that Romeo and Juliet, while a beautiful love story that pioneered millions upon millions of novels and movies, is a bit over-rated. I could go on for days listing books, but you're probably already ready to kill me.

I'm into this "emo" thing for the music and the style only. I'll never resort to cutting to get out my frustration. I hate boybands that don't play their own instruments. Panic! at the Disco is my favorite band. I'll admit that Ryan Ross is "hawt" but I'm not going to "hav hiz babiez!"(uses soap to cleanse mouth of teenie-talk). My Chemical Romance is a good band. Fall Out Boy is better.

I'm going to keep the "Movies" paragraph short and say that I like Comedy, SciFi, Emotional Romantic Comedy, and whatever category Crash falls under.

I'm an avid 45's player, a card game you've probably never heard of. I'll own you at Texas Hold 'Em. I'm fairly good at Pitch (another card game you've probably never heard of) although I need a refresher before I play. I can play Gin Rummy like it's nobody's business. I don't have the patience to play War.

You're probably cooler than me.
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