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My name is Vika, I'm 17, and a RENThead, which is damn obvious if you see all the stories I've posted. My favorite RENT couples are: Mark & Roger, Collins & Angel and Mark & Angel. I absolutely love the idea of Mark and Angel being together, they'd be soo cute! I'm a huge fan of Anthony Rapp, he's so sexy!! I consider myself a "fan-girl" but I don't act like the typical fan-girls. I'm my own breed, lol. My best story so far is my Pee-wee's Playhouse fic, called The Pee-wee Herman Story". I'm so proud of that. And yes, before you ask, I do find Pee-wee to be very sexy.. come on, have you seen any of Paul Reubens' work out of the Pee-wee character? Check out the movie Blow.. he's the hot gay hairdresser, Derek. I know alot of my stories haven't been updated in a while, and I'm sorry. It's just school keeps getting in the way. I'm really trying though, so be patient! =8-) (Yes, that's my Mark Cohen smiley!) If you have a myspace, feel free to add me! I love new people!

***As of June 18th, I'm deleting stories that aren't really going anywhere. I'll repost them as soon as I can get some updating going. So sorry, guys. I'm at a new school that is all year round and it seems like I have a never-ending case of writers block. Hopefully I'll get some inspiration soon! *kiss kiss* Vika
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  • Broken Hearts - Review This Story!

    Rated NC-17, just to be safe. Things happen, relationships die, new ones bud. Mpreg. Abuse in Chapter 1.

    Category: Movies >> RENT
    Rated: NC-17
    Language: English
    Genre: Slash > Drama
    Chapters: 2
    Words: 1119
    Reviews: 1
    Views: 1670
    Posted: 12/05/2006 04:07:04pm
    Updated: 12/05/2006 04:14:32pm

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