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    Sora: Come on we gotta go defeat Xemnas. Riku: OK. (they made their way to the tower then Kairi went ahead) Sora and Riku: Kairi no! (but she was too far) (Two cloaked Organization members Appeared In front of Kairi) First unknown: Well look what we got here a little princess Kairi: (ahh) (The second unknown appeared behined Kairi And a silinder of flames apeared around Kairi) (because of the lack of Oxygen Kairi fainted) Second unknown: Hey who ever thought school lessons would be useful (Kairi disappeared) Riku :NO! Sora: Kairi! What did you do to her! First unknown; Hey simmer down will ya (They both took off their hoods. One was a girl with blue hair another was a boy with red hair) First unknown: Hmm.. what do ya think that we should do know Alex? Alex: Hmm….. I dunno Vixen. Hmm…OK you can Get your Kairi back if you fight us. Vixen: Good Idea. Anyways I was getting bored. I think this should be fun. Sora: OK Deal. Riku: are u sure? Sora: Yeah. Bring it. (they readied their keybaldes and the other two redied their weapons which was a pair of gloves with claws and a pair of charkasems ) (Sora and Riku won) Vixen: wow your pretty good you know Alex: we would fight some more but I think we had our fun. (Kairi appeared on the ground. And Alex and Vixen Disapeared) Sora: Kairi wake up (kairi slowly woke up and began to stand) Riku: *sigh* but wait I thought we defeated all of the Organization members except Xemnas Sora: I dunno but we better go fight Xemnas we’ll worry about them later. Riku: Right ( When they were about to reach the place where Xemnas was A wall of hot rock Apeared infront of the party . And an Organization member appeared. He took of his hood revealing a man with purple hair. Two blades appeared in his hands) Unknown: I will not let you pass. (They fought him. Suddenly he stopped and the wall behind him disappeared. He smiled slightly and dissapeared) Riku: Another Organization member but I thought There were only thirteen nobodies in it. Kairi: It is strange Sora: But if we defeat their leader they might just give up Kairi: I guess you’re right Riku*Nods* (so they defeated Xemnas and returnened to Destiny Islands) Vixen: So do you think Xemnas made it through Xian. Xian: I think so Yaxley: I’m sure he will anyways If he followed our plan And Vixen and Alex did every thing correctly He will be fine Alex: Yeah. Well our hearts will be restored soon And every thing will return to normal again Vixen: But we lose most of our powers. That’s the down side. But who needs them. (The floor beneath them started to crumble and shake) Vixen: Yoah what was that? Alex: It must be Axel and Saix. they are always fighting. Vixen: You know someone should have told us about Axel being expelled before we dove into the sea of Darkness to pick everyone up Alex: And you have no idea how hard it is Yaxley: but you pulled it of didn’t you? Vixen: …………… Yeah. Xian: 3, 2, 1. (the floor crumbled and they fell down but all of them landed on their feet) Yaxley: All right who did that! Axel and Saix: He did it! Xian: You know you two are as playful as these two (he pointed at Alex and Vixen) Alex and Vixen: Hey! (Demyx appeared) Demyx: Yoah what was the noise about? Xian: These two (he pointed at Axel and Saix) (Axel and Saix disappeared a portal opened then Xemnas walked out of it) Xemnas: Well the plan Actually worked. So everyone’s here? Yaxley: Yup everyone except Axel and Saix who left a moment ago (another portal opened and another organization member ran out chased by a gaint scorpion) Xian: What were you doing at the scorpion pit?! (Xian hit the giant scorpion and it disappeared) ????: Aww I wanted to take that out. I can always count on you to ruin my fun (he took off his hood*) Vixen: Hey Felix you’d better be careful or You’ll come across the king scorpion Felix: There’s a king scorpion! Wow I gotta go see it! Demyx: Hey Felix you’d better not go. If you can’t kill a gaint scorpion you can’t kill a king scorpion. Felix: Aww man Xemnas: Well we’d better get going before we can’t teleport anymore. Alex: Yeah I guess

    Category: Video Games >> Kingdom Hearts
    Rated: G
    Language: English
    Genre: Cross-Over > Action/Adventure
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    Posted: 06/29/2006 11:50:32am
    Updated: 06/29/2006 11:50:32am

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