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The Penname Is HopelessRomantica Formally

My Name Is Ali :)

Not Much To Say Except That I'm A Very Laid
Back Person, Not One For Much Drama.

You Can Find Me On Various Fanfiction Sites
Such As; HoplessRomantic HopelessRomantica Somiania

Favorite Animes

Yu Yu Hakusho
Air Gear

Anime Guys
Shuichi/ Kurama/ Youko

Anime Gals

Nana O
Nana K

Sakura No Yami
---~ This Was The First Fan Fic I Ever Did On
This Site, It Must Have Been Horrible, Because
I Got Absolutely NO Reveiws. Thats Depressing.
Although It Did Get 159 Hits Everyone Was
Apparently LAZY Or Their Fingers Fell Off And
Could Not Leave A Critiqued Review Smh. So I
Will Not Be Updating Or Editing Until I Get
Some Damn Reviews. :)
? Travers Le Trou Du Lapin
---~ This Is A New Story That I Just Put Up
Today (O7-O1-11). Since It's Been So Long Since
I Have Written, This One Was Only Experimental,
Although It Will Be Continued If I Get Some
Darn Critiqued Reviews, Because I Have To Dust
Up On My Writing And It Makes Me Feel Unloved
If The People Who Read My Stories Dont Review
Like The First Story 'Sakura No Yami-


I'm In A Relationship, And Im Very Happy! :)

I Love Fanfiction, And Video Games. Im Usually
Seen Hanging Out As ' Just One Of The Guys' B)

Not One For Tireless Drama, Even Though Once In
A While Its Fine Cuz I'm Just Incurably Bored
At Times And I Need Interesting Things To
Happen So I Can Function, Ah Call It A
Embarrassing And Utterly Frustrating
Confession. Oh Well.

I'm Nice And Fun, But I Also Have A Very Weird
Sense Of Humor.... Lets Just Say That's Why I
Fit In With Guys Better Than Girls -___-

I'm At Times Very.... B****y But That's Solely
On The Purpose That I Stand Up For My Self And
For What I Believe In. I'm And Amazing Friend
And A Great Advice Giver.

I Haven't Really Been Active On Here Since
2005? Although Things Will Change And I Will
Start Creating Stories, Both Fan Fiction And

Ahhh I Guess That's All For Now :)
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