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  • 80 Please Keep Taking Me Away - Review This Story!

    Chapter One: August 15, 1990 NOTE: I know this isn’t true, dumbass. Wha-? I had thought when I heard that my friend, Kennedy, had turned in to a ‘Green Day fan’. She was one of those die-hard Mariah Carey fans. A dumb-blonde, I had called her. She had butt lenghth blonde hair, occaisionally with purple or pink streaks. She had these huge, blue, round eyes that anyone would die for. All that while Louisa had shoulder lenghth blue and green hair with dull brown eyes, and I had knee lenghth (yes, knee lenghth) black and red striped hair. I rolled my eyes at the news. “Sooo…you’re probably wondering why I like Green Day,” Kenn started. Lou and I nodded. “Well…you know the guitarist, Billie Joe?” Lou and I exchanged ‘duh’ glances. “Well…I ran into him when I was doing some grocery shopping for my mom. And well, he and I exchanged numbers, addresses, emails, et cetera.” Lou and I blinked, then burst out laughing. “Tell me you’re lying,” Lou gasped through laughs and tears. Kenn shook her head. She pulled out a pink cell phone and waved it in the air. “I have his number! Let’s call him!” she exclaimed. She punched in a series of numbers. We put our ears against the cold phone. It rang a few times. “KENNY!” we heard a voice say loudly. Kenn chuckled. “Hey…what’s up? How’re the guys?” she said. “We’re all good…wanna come over, grab a beer, and hump the bed?” Billie asked playfully. “Sure, but I’m at my friend’s house…” Kenn’s voice trailed off. “That’s okay…I’ll come there,” he said, and he hung up. A few minutes later, we were all at Kenn’s house. Billie Joe sat down on the couch, pulling Kenn with him. I smiled. Kenn deserved a boyfriend. “Well…I’m leavin’. Call me later, Lou, kay?” I asked Lou. She nodded and tossed me my keys and sunglasses. “See ya peeps.” I left towards my car. I unlocked my parent’s stationwagon and got in. I put in a tape (Rocket to Russia) and headed out of the driveway. About 4 blocks and 8 songs later, I pulled into my parent’s driveway. “Adrienne, come inside, you’re late for dinner!”

    Category: Musicians/Music Groups >> Green Day
    Rated: R
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Romance
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    Posted: 05/19/2006 07:56:36pm
    Updated: 05/19/2006 07:56:36pm

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