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Name: Allen Lee Stover

About Myself:

I read, I write, I roleplay, I work, and I live. When I turn 21, I'm going to bartending school (something I am not prepared for)

My favorite authors are Stephen King, Maragret Weis, Ed Greenwood, Bob Salvatore, Stephen R Lawhead, and many others. I mostly read fantasy, but I do read alot of Suspence, Horror, and Intrigue.

Most of my writing consists of the Forgotten Realms, a place I was introduced to by my best friends Tom and Tina. My friend Josh got me reading the Realms books, and I'll admit I didn't like Drizzt at first, mainly because my friend would always make him out to be some godlike figure. When I actually read the novels, I came to terms liking the drow, and saw him not as some glorious fighter (don't get me wrong, he is a badmofo in a fight), but more a man who wants to be to have a peaceful life.

Anyways if you can, review the stories.

For me writing is more of a passion, but I would like to become a professional writer someday, maybe even work for Wizards of the Coast.
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