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all of my pets are rescues.i'm heavily into punk rock(REAL punk). and uuuum....i'm anti-nazi,anti-bush,anti-Good Charlotte, and anti-racist.i don't consider Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, or Green Day "pop-punk" or even punk rock. they're just pop-rock groups. it also annoys me how girls say the "luv" punk but name the bands listed above.they're not true punk. GD back in the day WAS punk but they just sold out and became just a trendy rock band with an overrated album. and half of the teeny-bopper GC "punk" fans don't even know what a riot girl is or what anarchy is! you don't live your life by lyrics, kiddies! the A and the cirlce isn't just a pretty design on your Hot Topic jacket, it actually means something. i hope you all enjoy my stories!
PS: also visit my msn group!:
I'll also be redoing one of my stories. I found a HUGE mistake while going through all of my stories! But don't worry, it'll be back up soon!!
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