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I came from many fanfiction sites. uh.... a huge list.
I LOVE Ryan Wolfe from CSI:Miami and Greg Sanders from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Ryan Wolfe! (or Jonathan Togo)

Greg Sanders! (or Eric Szmanda)

You Know You're Addicted to CSI When...

You know the biographies of ALL the personnel from the CSI website.

You never work (or go out) Thursday nites because you'll miss CSI (although you tape it anyway).

You can't sleep knowing that something exciting is going to happen on the next episode

Your friend asks you about the episode with "the sparkling room thingie," and you don't even have to think about it before informing them they're thinking of Scooba Doobie-Do.

Your puppy is called VEGAS as a compromise, because none of your kids could stop arguing over whether it was gonna be called Grissom, Warrick, Greggo or Nicky......

You start knocking on walls in hope of finding a dead body between them

You walk around with a Mag-lite

You change your lighting to UV lighting, just to see those stains in your carpet

You dust for prints in your knife drawer

You wrap your house with yellow crime-scene tape

You wear latex gloves while at home

You suddenly study chemistry to understand more about those chemical reactions.

You learn Photoshop you can make wallpapers out of the pics you have

You've changed your quote from "Smile at the world, and the world will smile back" to "Concentrate on what cannot lie... The evidence"

When you were a kid, you wanted to be an astronaut. Now you want to be a CSI

When you are the leader of a group, you think, "What kind of a leader should I be? Gris Style or Horatio?"

You stare at Grissom's eyeglasses and Horatio's shades, then search for the exact pair (or at least close to it!)

You plan on living in Las Vegas or Miami

Your choice of car? The one like Horatio has.

You have a jacket, with the word "Forencics" written on the back

You'd even settle for a shirt with the same word

You read HAMLET, cause it was mentioned that HORATIO came from the name of Hamlet's best bud, Horatio

You got arrested when found crossing the yellow tape.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to CSI.

More cool things for your blog at

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  • Perfect Knight - Review This Story!

    Sequel to Guardian Angel. ONE-SHOT!! Things have been going great between you and Kurama. Nothing could go wrong... right? on the way home from a double date, someone grabs you. You're pissed at who it is. Can Kurama save you before... you're married? YouxKurama

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Yu Yu Hakusho
    Rated: PG
    Language: English
    Genre: Self-Insertion > Action/Adventure > Romance
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 1378
    Reviews: 2
    Views: 1872
    Posted: 08/02/2006 04:28:59pm
    Updated: 08/02/2006 04:30:18pm

  • Hells Portal - Review This Story!

    Three teens have the power to unlock a portal to a world full of Hells worst creatures. What happens when an organization wants to hold that power? To enslave the human race? Will they succeed?

    Category: Fiction >> Science Fiction
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Mystery
    Chapters: 2
    Words: 1030
    Reviews: 2
    Views: 1593
    Posted: 06/20/2006 07:08:30pm
    Updated: 06/20/2006 07:08:30pm

  • Phantom Genocide - Review This Story!

    CSICSI:Miami crossover, takes place in Miami. For two months people have been disappearing and the only thing found is parts of their bodies. Things take an unexpected twist when Eric and Ryan vanish. See things from the mind of a killer. LV PPL APPEAR LATER!

    Category: TV Shows >> CSI
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Suspense
    Chapters: 4
    Words: 2562
    Reviews: 0
    Views: 3733
    Posted: 04/01/2006 06:51:52pm
    Updated: 04/01/2006 07:06:28pm

  • Always Seen, But Never Heard - Review This Story!

    A UxTrowa story. You are always seen but once your seen you leave and are never heard. On your recent mission, something goes horrible wrong and the G-boys find you and your friend Viper. But you both escape so you don't get interrigated. The G-boys seem to always be where ever you are! You and your friends are genetic mutations. You fall for him when you first lay eyes on him. Will you demon tell you to kill him or not? Sucky sum i know! PLEASE READ!!!

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Gundam Wing
    Rated: PG
    Language: English
    Genre: Self-Insertion > Action/Adventure
    Chapters: 3
    Words: 1838
    Reviews: 2
    Views: 2772
    Posted: 03/02/2006 08:35:39pm
    Updated: 03/02/2006 08:39:20pm

  • Sun And Moon - Review This Story!

    The sun and the moon are the balance of life. One can not work without the other one and the world will go into chaos if it is thrown off. A woman gives birth to the two only to have a war brake out a year later. Her and her children are sent to the human world. Two weeks after their mother's death trouble arises, seeking to kill both the sun and the moon. One side has to die... but which one?

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Yu Yu Hakusho
    Rated: PG
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Action/Adventure
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 212
    Reviews: 0
    Views: 1111
    Posted: 03/01/2006 07:57:04pm
    Updated: 03/01/2006 07:57:04pm

  • Finishing The Job - Review This Story!

    Sequel to A Useful Psychic. J.J.'s back and so is Conner. This story takes place about five months after the first story. J.J. has visions of Conner going after her family when she's away so she has Grissom send a cop over to watch them. What she doesn't know is, he's after her instead. Miami and Las Vegas Crossover again!

    Category: TV Shows >> CSI
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Action/Adventure
    Chapters: 4
    Words: 2980
    Reviews: 3
    Views: 3999
    Posted: 02/21/2006 06:55:43pm
    Updated: 02/21/2006 07:12:41pm

  • Guardian Angel - Review This Story!

    ONE-SHOT! A Kuramaxyou story. You Kurama's Angel. You died and now you look after him. But when you see him suffering right before your eyes and there's nothing you can do to save him! Until you father tyells you to follow your heart and help him. You've fallen in love with him. Sucky summerey i know! Please read!

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Yu Yu Hakusho
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: Self-Insertion > Romance
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 985
    Reviews: 2
    Views: 1826
    Posted: 02/12/2006 03:53:54pm
    Updated: 02/12/2006 03:53:54pm

  • A Useful Psychic - Review This Story!

    COMPLETE!! This is my first CSI story so... NO FLAMES! This is a CSI/CSI:Miami crossover. 4 people from CSI go missing. But why? For Ransom or something else. Now the people for LV and Miami team up to find their missing CSIs. But when there isn't alot of evidence, will they use a psychic's help? Read to find out.

    Category: TV Shows >> CSI
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: Cross-Over > Action/Adventure
    Chapters: 9
    Words: 6468
    Reviews: 7
    Views: 9093
    Posted: 11/26/2005 04:23:16pm
    Updated: 02/11/2006 04:26:38pm

  • Blood Thirst - Review This Story!

    Deep in the burning forest lies a blood thirsty village. People were killed daily. Twins were killed because they believed it was the work of the devil. Triplets were tought to bring Chaos and death to the village and the whole family had to pay that price. One woman hid her triplets but died when she returned. What happens when the blood thirty village finds the triplets in the hidden in the leaf village?

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Naruto
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Action/Adventure
    Chapters: 4
    Words: 1883
    Reviews: 1
    Views: 4034
    Posted: 02/02/2006 08:15:09pm
    Updated: 02/02/2006 08:15:09pm

  • 50 Year War - Review This Story!

    7 Realms and 6 teens in for the ride of their lives. Their lives where almost normal, all great friends with each other. Until a realm guide appears to tell them they are the ones who will protect the realms. The realms are into a raging 40 year war. Will these teens be able to stop a 50 year old war? Better than it sounds.

    Category: Fiction >> Fantasy
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Fantasy
    Chapters: 2
    Words: 793
    Reviews: 0
    Views: 1825
    Posted: 01/20/2006 05:44:12pm
    Updated: 01/20/2006 05:44:12pm

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