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La la la....Time for a new profile, kiddies!



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~*The Basics*~

Name: Kerri
Nickname: Ker, K, Bonita
Age: 16
Hair Color/Length: Light-blonde (or at least, trying to get it light-blonde) with black underneath/ Shoulders
Eye Color: Forest Green
Height: About 5'6

AIM Screen Name: BonitaWolfSpirit

Bontia has been writing for about six years. Her first writings were poems. Her first story was a short story, that was never finished and is buried somewhere in her closet ^_^. Her first fan-fic was a Ruroni Kenshin one, that she has lost all data on, and her first CYOA is 'The Rose Duelist...You!'. Bonita has been writing fan-fics for approximately a year.Overall, Bonita has been writing for about six or seven years.

This is me and my babies ^^ I have a new addition to the family! Meet Peanut, the bratty little kitten. I?m lucky the cat and ferret didn?t try to kill each other (literally) while I took the picture >.< This is a more recent picture, and if it looks like I'm choking my animals, I'm not; they just won't stay still long enough, and I usually end up holdin the cat by her collar and have the ferret scrunched in a ball so they don't attack each other >.> Yeah. There will a more recent picture in a few days.
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  • Fairy-Tale Lore - Review This Story!

    You have always had a fascination with the supernatural; vampires, mythical beasts, myths, urban legends. You believed in all of the with the utmost faith, studying anything and everything about them until you thought your head would explode. So, what happens is all the myths and chimerical creatures…come to life? Depending on the choices you make, you could end up living your worst nightmare, fall into the darkness, or…even worse; never come back to the real world.

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Yu-Gi-Oh!
    Rated: R
    Language: English
    Genre: CYOA > Romance > Supernatural
    Chapters: 4
    Words: 5432
    Reviews: 1
    Views: 2736
    Posted: 09/06/2005 01:01:02am
    Updated: 09/06/2005 01:01:02am

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