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NICKNAME: Anti (Please call me by that)

~*~The info about the author~*~*

I'm a Highschool student, Class of '07!!!!

HAIRCOLOR: Dark blondish/brass color. I love to dye my hair and sh*t. I also wear wigs too.

I'm African-American

Born and raised in the New Jersey.

I'm not dating anybody. (Don't worry that ain't your business)

My attitude is usually pessimistic (don't worry, it's not ya'll). Mostly p*ssed off at absolutely nothing, (I'm entitled to feel that way if I want to) I'm usually tired as hell. (I notice that I'm not a happy-go-lucky, chipper type person.) I like chipper people, don't get me wrong. Chipper people bring enthusiasim

And I'm not one of those crazy-a*s fangirls (no offense) I'm just being honest. Sorry if I sound mean. I'm pollite also. Just don't p*ss me off and everything will be cool.

I like sarcastic people, I think they're too funny. XD!!!

I don't sugarcoat anything for sh*t.

I like to listen to Old School Hip-Hop and R&B, you know like, TLC, Mary J. Blige, Tupac. I love gangsta rap. Sometimes I listen to Jazz if I'm in the mood. Actually like to listen to all music, anything that catches my ear is alright.

I dislike, straight up haters, everyone in school, people who are not about sh*t, and so- called "flamers" STOP HATIN'!!! There's a difference between constructive critisism and flaming. Know the damn difference!!!

I think love is full blown nonsense. Since it has been demolished by lust.

My hobbies are watchin alot of tv, role playing, singing, freestylin', Crackin' jokes on people, acting stupid-funny, drinking, and I also love African American comedy.

I sometimes perform freestyle rap to my friends, I'm into hip-hop so much. (sorry if ya'll are not) I can even battle rap. I can spit, and rip this sh*t, don't faze me, or ya'll be delt with. *lol* =p

If you wanna learn more stuff about me, visit my or my
That's if you wanna learn more about me.

I usually take my feelings out on my writing. As some do.

I love writing anime/manga fanfiction. One of the best things in the world for me. 'Nuff said.

Yahoo IM: wzup_anti07

AIM: Misshotkitsune

You are Fire. You are a mean Goddess and like it
that way. You are often active and like to pick
fights. You like to help people with problems
but sometimes you get mad so you'll just ignore
them. You have a great reputation so stick to

brought to you by

brought to you by

GANGSTA ninja!
You are... the GANGSTA ninja! You are known for
your open displays of violence and your ability
to run like hell (you've been practicing by
running from the 5-0). +1 Offense against all
Gay Ninjas, but you run the risk of invoking
the HATE CRIME curse. Special Skill: BUST A CAP
IN YO' ASS attack.

brought to you by

You are a Hip hop Dancer. You are the witty chick
in the gang, you have a special life style and
that makes you different with your own unique
way, your friends love you because they know
they can trust you. Your ideal man is the guy
with a free style not afraid of saying how he
feels, and life is never dull with him.

brought to you by
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