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I am Gallantmon of the Hazard, a Mega Hazard Knight Digimon. I was created when my human part and my Digimon part, HazardGuilmon, Biomerged together. I like all of the Digimon Seasons, but my favorite season is the Digimon Tamers (Season 03).

(Updated 5/19/04)

My Favorite Couplings on Digimon:
Rukato (Takato/Rika)
Daikari (Davis/Kari)
Takumi (Takuya/Zoe)
Taiora (Tai/Sora)

I'm also interested in Leejeri, Mimato (Mimi/Matt), Junato (Jun/Matt), and Kenyako (Ken/Yolei).

I absoulte abhore Takari (TK/Kari), Ryuki (Ryo/Rika), Kouzumi (Kouji/Zoe), and Junzumi (JP/Zoe). I abhore Takari stories with that 'destined love' thing, YOU CHOSE YOUR OWN LOVES, they are not too original, since Davis is one of my favorite Digimon characters, the Davis-bashing in them, and the claim that Miracles is weaker than Hope is MAJORLY FLASE! The Crest of Miracles has more power than the Crest of Hope could and will ever have!

I am also an avid Naruto fan in which that anime/manga story and I am pro-Hinata and Naruto/Hinata romance fan, but while I'm anti-Sasuke, I'm not anti-Sakura and her actions during the Shuppiden series puts her in a better light in my mood. So, I do like Naruto/Sakura romance stories, everyone.
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