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I love to write. Don't know why, must be some sort of character flaw. I also love history, real or imagined. This is why I write so much stuff related to the Legend of Zelda. It's just vague enough that I can have my way with it and still have it almost make some sense.

You should know I have a habit of killing off the main characters in my stories. That is such a bad habit I know, but I figure things can only get better in the next chapter.
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  • Uzumaki Naruto, eh? - Review This Story!

    This is a story of the sometimes odd choices parents get to make for their children. How and why Naruto got named the way he did... Why the death god jutsu worked on the kyuubi in the first place and one rather random frog...uh yeah - anyway work on assumption there are spoilers in this. I just hope Iruka will forgive me for what I did to his parents.

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Naruto
    Rated: PG
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Supernatural > Tragedy
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 8030
    Reviews: 1
    Views: 1686
    Posted: 10/17/2007 09:20:34pm
    Updated: 10/17/2007 09:20:34pm

  • Why I believe in Santa Claus - Review This Story!

    Sometimes we get what we were asking for and we didn't even know we were asking the question.

    Category: Fiction >> General
    Rated: G
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Drama
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 2478
    Reviews: 0
    Views: 1622
    Posted: 11/29/2005 09:40:06pm
    Updated: 11/29/2005 09:50:19pm

  • Reunion - Review This Story!

    A novelization of the Ocarina of Time, almost. How would someone see their life with 20/20 hind-sight. Would it be worth the second look - maybe

    Category: Video Games >> Zelda
    Rated: PG
    Language: English
    Genre: Alt. Universe/Timeline > Supernatural
    Chapters: 7
    Words: 16596
    Reviews: 0
    Views: 6888
    Posted: 04/09/2005 11:32:05am
    Updated: 09/29/2005 06:29:46pm

  • Time - Review This Story!

    A songfic?? Yeah well I guess it was time to try out something new and different. So read, review and try really hard not to laugh. Now that that's out of my head…on to the next

    Category: Video Games >> Zelda
    Rated: G
    Language: English
    Genre: Songfic
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 896
    Reviews: 0
    Views: 2187
    Posted: 06/28/2005 07:01:42pm
    Updated: 06/28/2005 07:01:42pm

  • A Moonlight Legend - Review This Story!

    This is a Sailor Moon Fic I wrote for my daughter many moons ago. Yes the same kid who called me a Poo. Its centered around a particular episode of the American Release of Sailor Moon, I dont know which episode. (2nd season I think gah! I really am drawing a blank) It's Darien/Maramu's point of view, sort of filler for the TV show that always cut out too much.

    Category: Anime/Manga >> Sailor Moon
    Rated: PG-13
    Language: English
    Genre: Drama
    Chapters: 2
    Words: 6276
    Reviews: 1
    Views: 1904
    Posted: 05/04/2005 08:24:53pm
    Updated: 05/04/2005 08:24:53pm

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