Never Forget


On September 11, 2001 at roughly 6am PST, the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists using hijacked American Airlines Commercial Airliners. Four planes total were used in the attack, only three making it to their targets. The WTC was the first to be attacked, being hit by two of the planes, the third hit the Pentagon.

In no time, since the Attack on Pearl Harbor, has such an act been perpetrated on American soil. This time, the attackers hide in cowardice behind the lines of a country far away.

These acts shall only serve to bring the peoples of America closer together, renewing the flows of patriotism in the blood of young and old together. While this is a time of much grievance, and suffering, it also must be a time of great strength.

United, we must move forth and with great Justice, strike strongly and smartly upon those that have perpetrated this act, and those that ponder the thoughts of doing such themselves. The sleeping giant as been awakened once more, and its resolve is no less horrible than it was 50 years ago on December 7, 1941. These days shall live in forever infamy, and remind all those the price of eternal vigilance.

This emblem above is to serve as one of many memorials of those who died that day, we only wish that we could have placed in view sooner. For our tardiness, we shall forever be sorry, but we can only hope to help remember those that died and bring comfort to those that they left behind.

--- Joseph C. McKenzie

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