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Title: Kira: Vamp Hunter - Review This Picture!
By Chiyuki-chan
Genre: Action/Adventure > Fantasy > Supernatural
Reviews: 0
Views: 845
Rated: PG-13
Posted: 04/30/2008 05:32:42pm
Updated: 04/30/2008 05:32:42pm
Description: This is Kira, no last name just Kira, she is a turned vampire and hunter for an FOB (fall out boy) fanfic I plan on creating and posting shortly based on the music video A Little Less Sixteen Candles a Little more Touch me. Im not an overly obsessed fan girl I just saw the video and thought and would make an awesome story. ^__^ Kira is a bitchy, in the tough way not preppy, turned vamp and professional hunter (well as professional as it gets) with one hell of a reputation, who ends up having to keep an eye on the boys after they get into trouble with the fuzz at the end of the video. Lets just say shes not to happy about it, especially since her and the other turned vamp in the group, Pete Wentz, absolutely hate each other.
Title: Patrick Stumph - Review This Picture!
By Lollyphant
Genre: General
Reviews: 4
Views: 1894
Rated: PG-13
Posted: 11/06/2007 01:23:06pm
Updated: 11/06/2007 01:23:06pm
Description: Not particularly good, but I really need the practise drawing. CC would be loved and appreciated.

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